Magic Beans

Data isn’t hard to come by.
But Magic Beans are.

They’re those precious insights that don’t just inform but transform. The data discoveries that turn “what now?” into “that’s how!”.

That’s why turning complex data into crisp insights is where the magic’s at.

For every stage of growth

We already work with some of Australia’s largest data sets, but we’re ready to help wherever you are in your data journey.

Start: You’re beginning your marketing effectiveness journey and want to know what to do first.

Accelerate: You’ve made progress, but want to know what’s next so you can keep growing.

Evolution: You’ve been in the field for a while, but need a rethink to take your marketing to the next level.

Revolution: You’ve got more data than you know what to do with and need to find some fresh magic.

Data Wizards

Our team’s magical powers include data science, data visualisation, data processing and data & martech consultancy.

Lucy Acheson: Our queen bean, with 20+ years at the data coalface in London and Sydney. Started on Tesco Club Card and currently helping clients turn data ecosystems into data assets.

Melinda Lofts: The machine whisperer. The one who builds the foundations and creates the strategies that make marketing technology sing.

Stephen Mesa: The data team find the beans, and farmer Steve plants them. Helping insights grow into customer journeys, communications, products, pretty much anything really.

Matt Lam: The hunter. The guy who grades, measures and weighs the beans, designing dashboards to track growth and fuel strategies.

Shiv Ananthan: The translator, he speaks both data and insight, two very different languages. He makes sure that what we hear is what the data is actually saying.

Looking for some data magic?

Contact our queen bean:
Lucy Acheson
p: 0448 813 582